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3DInternet   [email protected] 
ACMEworks Digital Film, Inc.  [email protected] 
Anthem Visual Effects Form
BarxSeven [email protected]
 Boa Records [email protected]
Bron Studio Form
Bullseye [email protected]
Digital Dimension [email protected]
Entity FX North [email protected]
Faction Creative [email protected]

Fake   [email protected]
GFZ Studios [email protected]
Goldtooth Creative [email protected]
Helios Design Labs [email protected]
Hydraulx [email protected]
Intelligent Creatures [email protected]
Kerosene Visual Effects Inc. [email protected]
Keystone Entertainment [email protected]
Leviathan Studios [email protected]
LOOK Effects [email protected]
 Satellite Studios Inc. [email protected] 
Studio Dialog  [email protected] 
 Flying Kraken Creative Studios Inc. [email protected] 
 Littlechild Studios  [email protected] 
 The Odyssey Visual Effects [email protected]
 Artifex Studios Ltd. [email protected]
 Atmosphere Visual Effects  [email protected] 
 Graphic Slave Studios [email protected] 
 Green & Green, The Creative Gift Company  [email protected] 
 Image Engine [email protected] 
 Lee Gabel Design & Visual Effects [email protected] 
Lost Boys Learning [email protected]
Lux Visual Effects Inc. [email protected]
Maggot & Oaf iComics  [email protected]
 Mainframe Entertainment Inc. [email protected] 
March Entertainment   [email protected]
 Mechnology Studios Canada [email protected]
Method Studios   [email protected] 
 Modus FX – Montreal  [email protected]
Mokko Studio  [email protected]
Monster Matchmoves Inc. [email protected]
morro images Inc.
[email protected]
MPC [email protected]
MR. X INC [email protected]
Newbreed visual effects Form
Oblique Fx [email protected]
Pix Ray VFX inc [email protected]
Prime Focus [email protected]
 Rhythm & Hues Studios  [email protected] 
 Rocket Science VFX  [email protected]
  Rodeo FX [email protected] 
 Scanline  [email protected]
 SHED  [email protected] 
 Soho VFX  [email protected] 
 SPIN VFX [email protected]
Stargate Films [email protected]
Stereotech [email protected]
Switch VFX [email protected]
The embassy VFX Form
The Sequence Group [email protected]
Waterproof Studios [email protected]
Western Post [email protected]
Western X VFX [email protected]