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Big Fluffy Clouds Animation Company Inc. [email protected]
 Zensoft Studios Inc.  [email protected] 
AurenyA Entertainment Group [email protected] 
Bradleez Cartoons   [email protected] 
Critical Fusion Inc.  [email protected]
 Grant MacEwan College [email protected]
 Insomniac Productions  [email protected] 
My Dog Entertainment  [email protected]   
 New Machine Studios [email protected] 
Sprott-Shaw Community College  [email protected] 
 Centre for Arts and Technology  [email protected] 
CG Masters Academy  [email protected] 
Pacific Design Academy  [email protected] 
Pacific Film & New Media Academy   [email protected] 
Sparkwalker Entertainment Inc.  [email protected] 
Stellar Jay Studios
[email protected] 
A.K.A. Cartoon, Inc.  [email protected] 
 Alchemy Entertainment [email protected] 
Animation Brewery Productions Ltd.  [email protected] 
 AnimatoriumRex [email protected]
 Association of BC Animation Producers (ABCAP)  [email protected]
 Atomic Cartoons Inc. [email protected] 
Barking Bullfrog Cartoon Company, Inc. [email protected]
 BLATANT [email protected] 
BRON STUDIOS INC. [email protected]
 C4 Digital Entertainment [email protected] 
 Catbox Entertainment [email protected]   
 Clayman’s, The- 3D Cartoon Communications [email protected] 
 Crossing Effects Studio (The) [email protected] 
 Cryptic Entertainment [email protected] 
 Facelift Ent. Inc. [email protected]
 Falcon-Software Company Inc [email protected] 
Float On Films [email protected]
Gabriel Frizzera – Concept Artist [email protected]
Gerrard Management [email protected]
Global Mechanic [email protected]
 i-Koe Business Animation  [email protected] 
 Institute of Advanced Media (IAM) [email protected] 
 L2ed [email protected] 
 Loaded Image Inc.  [email protected] 
 Maggot & Oaf iComics [email protected] 
 3deeit [email protected]
 567 Visual Effects [email protected] 
Arc Productions [email protected]
Artifex Animation Studios [email protected]/
Bardel [email protected]
BFX [email protected]
Boogie Studio [email protected]
Dashing [email protected]
Elliott Animation [email protected]
Encore [email protected]
Fly Studio [email protected]
Frame Studio [email protected]
Gallus Entertainment [email protected]
Gloo Studios [email protected]
Hatch Studios [email protected]
Iamstatic [email protected]
IN Studios [email protected]
JCKSN [email protected]
 Meld Media [email protected] 
Motor [email protected]
Nitrogen Studios [email protected]
Optix [email protected]
Proxy Studio [email protected]
See Creature [email protected]
Skuad Studios [email protected]
Stargate Studios [email protected]
Stone Canoe [email protected]
Swim Media [email protected]
Tendrill [email protected]
The Studio Upstairs [email protected] [email protected]
The Vanity [email protected]
Toon Box [email protected]
 Tou TenKartoon [email protected] 
 Yowz Animation [email protected] 
 Zink [email protected] 
 Zoic [email protected]