Best of SIGGRAPH 2013 at VIEWFest


VIEWFest will host this year the European premiere of SIGGRAPH 2013, the most important Digital Animation Festival in the world. An international selection of the best animated shorts and VFX breakdowns, a look into the future trends of cinema and advertising.

Every year SIGGRAPH brings together the most creative minds in the digital industry, presenting their works and the most innovative technological advancements achieved. This is an incredibly eclectic array of computer works, from the latest animated shorts to the most powerful VFXs, up to the most innovative techniques of scientific visualization. 

VIEWFest will screen the best of SIGGRAPH’s Electronic Theater, the most fascinating animated shorts produced during the last year. The works have been selected by a high level Jury not only for their technical features, but also for the originality of their storytelling and their astonishing visual power.

Sunday 13th October 2013 – 6.15 PM – Sala 3, Cinema Massimo - Free entrance




Rollin’ Safari

Directors: Kyra Buschor, Anna Habermehl, Constantin Päplow

The balloon animals of the Serengeti are struggling to follow their daily routine.


Toyota Prius “Hum”

Directors: Sam Mason and Pete Candeland

Directed by Sam Mason and Pete Candeland, “Hum” is set to a catchy song that carries us on a journey through a charming miniature-style landscape to demonstrate the versatility of the Toyota Prius Hybrid and the lifestyles of various owners.


One Day

Director: Joël Corcia

A man who is always on the move has an encounter that calls into question everything he knows.


Funeral Home Piñatas

Director: Jacob Tuck

Putting fun into funerals! A student-directed team production, this animated short is a mock commercial for a funeral parlour that offers alternative options for sending off your loved ones.



Directors: Nicolas Leu, Roderick Friedrich, Miriam Hatzijordanou, Patrick Kern, Carina Boell

As Hermit the Crab wanders around on his reef, his shell gets stuck. After he escapes his shell and exposes his bare bottom, he uses absurd techniques to free the shell. When he succeeds, he is captured by a seagull. 



Director: Andy’s

This ad presents the universe of ZombiU, a first-person shooter survival horror video game from Ubisoft Montpellier soon to be released exclusively for the Nintendo’s Wii U console.



Director: John Pettingill     

This metaphor for experiences that are larger than life explores the phenomenal childhood moments that are ultimately depen­dent on one’s own perspective.


World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Intro

Director: Marc Messenger

The mist-shrouded continent of Pandaria is revealed along with its impressive inhabitants, the Pandaren. Two bitter enemies, sole survivors of a battle at sea, find themselves washed ashore in a strange new land. Their old conflict resumes until the Pan­daren known as Chen Stormstout shows them another way.


not over

Director: Toru Hayai

An attempt to create huge beautiful natural scenes with a scenery generator. Fog and haze, a feeling of scale feeling, and water transparency were used to produce a vision of the real world. Where is this character going?



Director: Deng Bohong

This commercial for Midea’s well-known appliances features visual effects based on hydrodynamic simulation and perfor­mance to illustrate the fluid transformation of Midea’s major products.


Digital Domain SIGGRAPH 2013

Visual effects for feature films, advertising and videogame content compilation.


Bet She’an

Directors: Julien Soler, David Calvet, Bastien Letoile, Jeremy Charbonel, Guillaume Raynaut, Gongjin Wang

In the city of Bet She’an where mankind is progressively morphing into crows, a sculptor decides to leave a trace of this dwindling humanity.


Ophelia: Love & Privacy_Settings

Director: Bin-Han To

How exposed and public can your thoughts become before the situation becomes embarrassing? Which dirty thoughts could get you into trouble? That’s Hubert’s problem. Anyone can clearly read his thoughts in a speech balloon floating above his head. Watch his challenging search for a girlfriend.


Halo 4 “The Commissioning”

Director: Nicolai Fuglsig

“The Commissioning” introduces the storyline behind the new X-Box game released in 2012. Method Studios was keen to deliver the immersive Halo gaming experience and produce visuals that feel as exciting as the latest blockbuster movies.


The Rose of Turaida

Director: Ryan Grobins

Based on a true story set in 17th-century Latvia, “The Rose of Turaida” tells of the tragedy of a beautiful young woman who makes the ultimate sacrifice for love and honour.


Fortune Elephant Dream

Director: Olivier Lourry

Octave, a young businessman, nurtures a clandestine passion for betting games that trap him in a deep addiction.


King and Lionheart

Directors: Mihai Wilson and Marcella Moser

Under a leaden sky, a utopian empire is overthrown by a malefic foreign horde. In the aftermath, a regal bother and sister are separated and desperately struggle to reunite.


Perfect Shadow

Director: Mathieu Gérard

In a vast empty space, the sun rises, and moving light and shadows reveal a strange sculpture.


Lost Senses (Zmysły Prysły)

Director: Marcin Wasilewski

A short story about an encounter in an abstract world, stylized as the paintings of Giorgio De Chrico. A Man is going to meet A Woman in abstract flying city. He is climbing up on the buildings like a parkour practitioner. One unguarded moment is enough to make him lose his senses. And his chance.


Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser

Director: Tomek Bagiński

The film is the first announcement of a new computer game, Cyberpunk 2077. The game is based on the system of Cyber­punk 2020, an American RPG game written by Mike Pondsmith in the 1890s. This very short, poster-like teaser includes music performed by Archive.


À la Française

Directors: Morrigane Boyer, Julien Hazebroucq, Ren Hsien Hsu, Emmanuelle Leleu, William Lorton

It’s an afternoon in Versailles, during the reign of Louis XIV. 


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Director: Peter Jackson

The fantastical creatures and epic lands of Middle-earth are a stunning showcase for the creativity and innovation that has become the standard for Weta Digital. See how some of the most memorable moments of the film came together: the gloriously disgusting Goblin King, the rebuilding of Gollum from the inside out, Trolls, Eagles, Azog, breathtaking Rivendell, the fully CG Goblin Caverns, and more.