Maga Animation Studio


How layouts are developed for a 3D animated series: techniques, tools and assets used for the construction, methods of communication between international partners. Maga animation studio presents its own workflow and tools used for the construction of the new series Extreme Football in production.

After the activities of storyboard and videoboard, the transition to layout of this full CGI series is an essential activity for the later stages of animation and final output. The dynamic direction and the complex camera movements, along with scenes with many characters proves to be a major and delicate challenge. The aim of the study was to carry out immediately a very articulate layout, to allow the director to have an accurate and very detailed actions of the characters, their acting and camera movement. The work of the studio in this phase along with the pre-production is the backbone of the whole project.

We are going to examine some scenes of the project, to show the technical and artistic approach to the layout, simple tools created for the camera control, as well as various technical aspects relating to simplify the work of CGI artists involved in the project. The project, directed by Franck Michel (Fantastic 4 – world greatest heroes, Les podcats, Funky Cops) and co-produced with Teleimages production, is supported by major broadcasters including RAI Fiction, France Television, Gulli, CanalJ and European partners as Zodiak Kids, MEDIA and CNC, is one of the most important and complex full CGI TV series produced in Europe.


Massimo Carrier Ragazzi (executive producer)

Giorgio Bellasio (layout supervisor)

Lucio Silla (technical director)

Teresa Bandini (layout artist)