Emanuela Zilio

co-founder and Project Manager of Digital Distillery Srl


The visual storytelling applied to disseminate the Cultural Patrimony is still today a narrative technique under-used. The number of times we meet interactive and immersive storytelling is even less. The three Studios will present a collection of meaningful case histories and will introduce a sample of powerful approaches to manage properly and share high quality contents. Videos, panoramas and interaction are the adopted languages. Presented strategies include: crowdsourcing, gamification, viralization and edutainment. For each of them, high impact videos and interactive projects will be shown. We believe, beyond the new technologies, content is the king. To promote the Cultural Patrimony and move an emotional impact as an efficient driver able to improve knowledge and foster economic growth, we need to adopt a new glance on things and listen to the whole human senses.


Emanuela Zilio is co-founder and Project Manager of Digital Distillery Srl , a company that has been working on research since 2010 to create new communication models and strategies, promoting the integration of new technologies – such as Natural Interaction, Augmented Reality, Immersive Reality, etc. – with other languages (Journalism, Art, Science), as well as developing highly customized platforms, apps, tools and services. She has a Master of Science in Politics, Policy and Society in Contemporary Europe from the University of Bath (2001) and a PhD in Languages Science also from the University of Siena (2003) where she focused her research on New Media Visual Languages. She developed her professional experience and improved her skills through working on individual and team projects in Italy as well as abroad. She believes that learning never stops and that curiosity is the seed of critical thinking.