Christopher Burrows

Pixar’s supervising technical director,

Inside Pixar’s Blue Umbrella

Christopher Burrows, Pixar’s supervising technical director, will be at VIEW Conference with the talk “Inside Pixar’s Blue Umbrella” analyzing the realization of the last marvelous Pixar short movie.

The Blue Umbrella is a 2013 Pixar computer-animated short film that was released alongside Monsters University. The short movie narrates the love story between two umbrellas, a red and a blue one, in a city full of black umbrellas. The short featured new techniques in photorealistic lighting, shading, and compositing never seen before in an animated movie.

Presented at the International Berlin Film Festival on February 2013, it’s screened in the cinemas alongside Monsters University.

BlueUmbrellaPixar the-blue-umbrella