Peter Chanthanakone

Director, Executive Producer, Asst. Professor


The 3D animation production pipeline is creative, technical and tedious. It can require a number of different tasks and people to complete a short film. The workflow and animation pipeline is critical to create an animated work in a timely manner. The following research follows the production pipeline of 3 shorts films produced by Peter Chanthanakone and focuses on the different methods to produce each work. It addresses key areas of the latest developments to accelerate the 3D animation pipeline for independent short films. 


Peter Chanthanakone is a short film director specializing in 3D animated shorts. He won numerous Film Festival awards from the Top Emerging Artist (Souriya Namaha), the Best Animation Short film (Winston’s Shuttle) and a Gold Pixie Award (Junkboxx). His collaborative experimental animation (Flag Metamorphosis) has circulated around 30 film festivals internationally. His works has played on a giant screen @ Times Square in NYC, Germany, France, Canada, China, S.Korea, Pakistan, Australia and at the Hamilton International Film Festival. Cumulatively, his work has been shown Internationally in over 50 juried competitions. 

Peter has been teaching at Brock University (Canada), Grand Canyon University (Phoenix), Stanford, Villanova and is currently an Assistant Professor in Animation at the University of Iowa. His research involves animation production and accelerating the  animation pipeline for independent short films. 

He was born in Niagara Falls, Canada and obtained his BFA at McMaster University (Canada) in Fine Art/Multimedia and completed his MFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco in Animation.

In his spare time, he operates RizingZun Animation, an award winning animation studio.