From 3D CG to 3D printing | Pre-rendered animations versus Augmented Reality | 3D game development

Luca Deriu, Ceo and owner Playsys

15th October | Sala Giolitti

3D and it’s new frontier

As in the previous editions of the ViewConference, this year Luca Deriu gives us a general overview on the new horizons that are opening up for the three-dimensional graphics.
Advanced softwares, optimized workflows and next-generation hardware give us the ability to anticipate the future of the market.

The simplicity of polygon modeling has not longer the finalization of its production process in photorealistic rendering only (using software like V-Ray or iRay), but it also has the ability to sculpt objects in a short time and with affordable costs.
The new frontier of 3D printing infact offers a lot of possibilities in the design, creation, manipulation and improvement of the products that reach the market.

The realtime technology instead will not be limited in a videogame experience as we have known up to now, but it will turn into something more, something able to scan the actual items, process them and output them with a new look .

Also during the speech Luca will reveal new features of V-Ray 3 that helps 3D artist to obtain the maximum quality from offline render pipeline.


Luca Deriu is professor at NABA Milan, at Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan and at Domus Academy where he has courses in 3D computer graphics focused on entertainment, interior design and product design.
Luca is an author of books for various publishers including Hoepli, he is video trainer for various institutions and supervisor for some magazines about 3D, 2D and photography.

He is also the owner of PlaySys and a music producer and as well as a lover of good food. 

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During the speach, we’ll talk about three-dimensional graphics in all its aspects: modeling and UV mapping, design of materials for offline render and for realtime render. It will be analyzed specific softwares for 3D and 3D prints, software for videogame development and software for augmented reality. At the end we will be able to make a live demonstration of 3D printing using a portable printer .

Italian or English according to needs

About 3 hours

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