Bruno Chauffard

CG Supervisor


After creating the unique franchise “Despicable Me”, and having reached box office numbers, Illumination Entertainment aimed at fulfilling the audience’s high expectations for its second chapter. Bruno Chauffard, VFX Supervisor at Illumination Mac Guff (Despicable me, The Lorax, and Despicable Me 2) will discuss the various aspects of a vital progression needed between two chapters. From smoothing a workflow to answering timing constrains, Bruno Chauffard will share his know-how on the lessons learned on previous productions, while reaching higher targets.


Bruno Chauffard started his career as a graphic artist within software companies such as Thomson Digital Image and Wavefront Paris. He then joined WETA Digital effects, working as Visual Effects Technical Supervisor on The Frighteners directed by Peter Jackson. He joined Mac Guff Ligne in 1996 and worked for ten years as a graphic artist and CG supervisor on commercials, music videos and live action movies. In 2007, Bruno oriented his career towards Feature Animation. He supervised at MGL the french movie Dragon Hunters. Since 2008, he pursued a great collaboration as Head CG Supervisor on Despicable Me and The Lorax (Illumination Entertainment / Universal Studios), reaching new heights with the worlwide success of Despicable Me 2 this year. Bruno will supervise the next Illumination Entertainment’s original project for release in 2015, with the same objective of technical innovation and quality.

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