Giuseppe Enrico Franchi


Startups are usually perceived as driven by a creative approach: given a fundamental idea, you start looking for investors to support prototyping or development stages in order to be able to successfully launch the final product. While this is obviously possible, it is not the only existing approach, neither it is the most valid one.

In our speech we will describe our experience and our business choices to help who shares our passion to reach a similar educative and working path. We will introduce how we got where we are and explain how to open a startup, how to communicate with foreign markets, how to choose technologies, tools and projects in order to achieve a good balance between organization and productivity on a daily basis.
We will be trying to meet the audience preferences in order to deliver an interesting speech, dynamically adjusting the topics and the pace of it to match our audience attention span.


34BigThings s.r.l. is an unconventional startup that opened at the beginning of 2013 in Turin, Italy. It is focused on developing games and mobile apps and it represents the meeting point for four italian guys sharing: a technical background and a living, academic and professional experience in Copenhagen, Denmark.

34BigThings initially started focusing on the emerging market of multiplatform HTML5-based games, developing a 2D game engine optimized for mobile platforms. Moreover, the company has a couple of active collaboration projects with two danish startups: an educational 2D game made with Unity and a social network for young authors that needed a native iOS app and a white labeling system to generate vertical snapshots of HTML5 apps.

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi, 28, is one of the founders of 34BigThings srl. Software developer and game designer, he has a Master Degree in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark. That’s where he meets Giacomo and Valerio, which whom he will start their own entrepreneurship. Giuseppe is interested in videogames as an educational medium, indie gaming, and game design for mobile platform. He spend most of his day in front of the screen coding CoffeeScript/HTML5, designing puzzles, or reading Kotaku. Passionate about gaming, Giuseppe would like to share his experience with those who would like to make videogames their professional career.