Jon Karafin

Director of Production Technology, RealD


The production of stereoscopic content has established itself as a permanent part of the entertainment industry. Because digital stereoscopic media is a relatively new storytelling tool, there is sometimes confusion, misunderstanding, and divergent terminology in the industry. All techniques associated with stereoscopic content creation, while highly creative processes, have technical approaches that if done improperly can result in poor quality films and physical pain on the part of the audience.

Jon Karafin, Director of Production Technology for RealD, will demonstrate how to create high quality stereoscopic content through both traditional and hybrid stereoscopic visual effects workflows. He will also review how all forms of stereoscopic VFX, when done properly, is mathematically identical to geometry generated from stereoscopic capture.

The audience will obtain an appreciation of what to look for in order to articulate and identify poor quality stereoscopic content, gain an appreciation of the creative processes utilized on blockbuster films, and learn some tips on how to shoot specifically for 2D-to-3D conversion.


Production executive, technologist, educator, author and artist, Jon Karafin is responsible for developing technology and delivering stereoscopic content for several of the all-time highest grossing stereoscopic feature films including Michael Bay’s Transformers 3 and Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland. Previously, he was Director of Production, Technology and Operations for Digital Domain Media Group, and Vice President of Production and Operations with the award winning technologists and production studio, In-Three Inc., developing state-of-the-art technology and global stereoscopic production facilities.

Karafin has presented his stereoscopic research internationally, striving to educate the industry on the significance of high quality stereoscopic visual effects and the interrelationships between all forms of stereoscopic content creation.

Karafin holds multiple Masters’ degrees in Imaging Arts and Sciences: Fine Art Photography and Computer Animation from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and Bachelors’ degrees in Film, Photography, Visual Arts, and Audio Production from Ithaca College, and continues to pursue academic research into 2D and 3D imaging technologies, and stereoscopic innovation.