Max Whitby

CEO and founder, Touch Press


In August 2013 Touch Press released the most ambitious app in the company’s four-year history. Created in close partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Disney Interactive, this app tells the story of how animated films are made. Disney Animated includes literally every scene from every Disney animated feature. It also presents a wealth of rare material from Disney’s archives bringing the subject alive on the iPad with over 750 high-quality, high-resolution images and clips including backgrounds, original concept art, character sketches, super-zoomable storyboards, rough animation, animatics, and story reels.

In this talk the co-founder and CEO of Touch Press will recount the highs, lows and creative challenges of this extraordinary 18-month project.


Max Whitby is CEO of Touch Press, which published The Elements, one of the first apps on the iPad at launch in 2010 and now downloaded more than 850,000 times.  Touch Press has since released 16 titles (total downloads 6 million), including the landmark literary app The Waste Land which he co-produced with Henry Volans from Faber, and most recently Beethoven’s 9th Symphony and Disney Animated. Max started his career at the BBC Science Department where he produced numerous Horizon documentaries.  He headed an early collaboration between the BBC and Apple. He co-led a management-buyout of this BBC group that floated on AIM.  In 2004 Max completed a PhD in chemistry at Imperial College. He is passionately interested in natural history and has filmed every species of British bird, butterfly and bumblebee for another digital venture. He is the recipient of two BAFTA awards.

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