Lastrego & Testa


The ingredients are: an artist who has always worked with paper, cloth, scissors and colors, but does not disdain digital images; a production studio with a long tradition of publishing and animation for TV; a young and dynamic software development company for iOS. The result is IdentiKat: a creative app which from the App Store has attracted the interest of children, teachers, educators and parents around the world. Cristina Lastrego draws from her repertoire of buttons, old brooches, precious fabrics and colored ribbons to create refined cat-shaped digital puzzles, inviting young players to make their own ones. A game ancient and topical at the same time, mentioned by dozens of specialized websites around the world and awarded several prizes including the Editor’s Choice of the prestigious American magazine Children Technology Review. The conference will trace out the creative, technical, production and distribution steps of this successful app, the matching of Lastrego&Testa and Ovolab, the joint venture with Rizzoli Corriere della Sera.



Francesco Testa, CEO

Cristina Lastrego, Art Director Làstrego & Testa Multimedia

Matteo Da Pont, CEO Ovolab


Alfio Bastiancich, Presidente Asifa Italia


Cristina Làstrego and Francesco Testa have been working together for almost 40 years, producing “edutainment” content for children: books, animated TV series and apps. Co-founders of the studio L&T Multimedia, they wrote and illustrated more than 170 books. They’ve been distributing contents through channels always up to date, from traditional publishing to TV, web and mobile. They received many awards and the L&T studio is characterized by its innovative character, always putting together art with the media.

Matteo Da Pont, partner and CEO of Ovolab, has worked on the iOS platform since the dawn of iOS and he was ready to release iPhone apps the day the App Store launched in 2008. With a deep knowledge of the iOS ecosystem, he oversees the development of all the applications engineered by Ovolab. The company has developed multiple top iPhone and iPad apps, and several of those were featured on the App Store, in TV ads and in Steve Jobs’ keynotes.

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