Adam Volker

Creative Director, Moonbot Interactive


At Moonbot Studios, we make books, animated films, apps, video games and theatrical experiences. Some of the ideas and practices we use seem to transcend media and we use them all over the place. We are learning as we go, and I want to share how each medium shapes our creative process, focusing recently on game making. 

Moonbot’s mission has always been to tell interesting stories, and every creative medium brings unique qualities to achieve that goal. Games can tell stories through teaching and personal experience. This is something our creative team considers early in the process of making games: what stories have we tried to tell here and how well did it work?

I’ll discuss some of the projects we’ve made like The Fantastic Flying Book of Mr. Morris Lessmore film, book and app and how we are transitioning this process into our game projects including, Diggs Nightcrawler, The Golem and Lollipop 3.


Adam Volker is an illustrator from the Midwest. He studied illustration at Ringling College of Art and Design and got his start as a concept artist in the video game industry. He has worked on multiple AAA titles for companies such as EA Tiburon, Bioware and Midway Home Entertainment. In 2009, Volker relocated to Shreveport, Louisiana to work with William Joyce on the Guardians of Childhood book series. During his time at Moonbot Studios, Adam has served as art director for The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore short film, lead interactive creative director for The Numberlys storybook app as well as contributing to many projects. He is now the creative director for Moonbot Studios’ interactive division, where he most recently was the creative lead for Diggs Nightcrawler, an augmented reality video game for the Sony Wonderbook.