Sandy Karpman

Sandra Karpman

Technical Director – Pixar Animation Studios


The wonderful stories of Pixar’s film have entertained a generation, you will learn how the Pixar camera underscores the story.  

The audiences’ collective eye needs to be looking at the right part of the screen for each shot.  The camera can elevate the emotions of the characters, as well as guide the audiences’ collective eye in a lovely dance in shot and from shot to shot.


Sandra Karpman worked at ILM for 18-years before joining Pixar in 2002. She has at one time or another crossed almost every discipline from fx director on live action sets to developing pipeline code for Pixar’s creative workflow.

Sandra Karpman has almost 30 years of experience in the film industry.  She spent 18 years at Industrial Light + Magic, starting in the FX animation department working on such films as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Willow”, then transferred to the newly established Computer Graphics Department.  She brought her production experience to the new department, building workflows and pipelines to produce multiple shots for films such as “Back to the Future II & III”, “DieHard II”, “The Mask”, “Flubber”, “Hook”, “Star Wars Episode 1 & 2″ “Terminator 2″, and “Twister”.

Sandra joined Pixar 11 years ago to work on “The Incredibles” as the Effects Supervisor.  She also worked on film such as “Cars”, “Ratatouille”, “Wall-e”, “UP”, “Toy Story 3″, “Cars 2″ and “Monsters University”.  She created the 3D camera for the Pixar Shorts, “Day + Night”, “Hawaiian Vacation” and “La Luna”.  She currently works in Camera & Staging department which creates the camera view for each shot in every Pixar film.