Marco Mazzaglia and Pietro Guardini

IT Manager and Video Game Evangelists – Milestone


What does it mean thrilling and communicating in the video game world, “touching the heart”? How since its birth this medium has been able to glue to the monitor people of all ages? From “Pac Man” to “The last of us” it is a matter of captivating through graphics and sounds, but also a selection of elements that will bring the attendant to discover a new way to observe and live the video game world from different points of view.


Marco Mazzaglia was born in Turin in 1974. At the age of 3 he had the first “contact” with computer and video games. Several years later he earned his degree in Computer Science at “Università degli Studi di Torino”, writing a graduation thesis about DyLog, a metalanguage of Prolog for the Artificial Intelligence. In 1996 with other 23 people he founded a Social Co-operative, “La Bussola”, in order to deliver services related to web technologies and to teach the use of the Internet to no lucrative organizations. In his first job he worked on web architectures and localization based services for the Ministry of the Interior and the Italian State Police. By January 2008 he works as IT Manager and Video Game Evangelist for Milestone; in this context, he takes care of the design and management of development systems and he works on the online game architectures.

Pietro Guardini
I am currently working as games user researcher for Milestone, the major videogame studio in Italy, where I started and I am in charge of user testing activity. My responsibilities also cover competitors’ analysis and benchmarking, sales data analysis and forecasting, collection, analysis and communication of qualitative feedback between publisher, developer, and critics.

I began working on Human Computer Interaction as an undergraduate student in 1999 in the Virtual Reality Lab of the Department of Experimental Psychology at Padova University. After running many experiments, building several virtual environments, fixing a lot of hardware and software issues, I obtained a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology. More recently I started my collaboration with Milestone and worked on 10+ titles, including MotoGP, the Superbike World Championship and the World Rally Championship series of videogames. 

I am a member of the Games User Research Special Interest Group (GUR-sig) of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA). This year I took part in the annual GUR-sig meeting where I talked about how broad concepts such as realism, approachability and challenge in racing videogames can be operationalized and tested with users.

I am also lecturer in Research Methodology at the Bicocca University in Milan (Italy) and column editor for a scientific magazine for kids.