CEO SportSquare Games


I got my degree in computer science in 2010. I’m interested in new web technologies and during my studies in my spare time I’ve developed and sold some small web projects. In Turin I’m the local ambassador of Indigeni Digitali, with the task to sharing passion for startups, entrepreneurship and digital innovation. Finally I’m a Global Shaper at the Turin hub for the World Economic Forum. I love my wife, PHP and Soccersquare and I live my work with passion and enthusiasm.



…the soccer experience has never been so social!

Gabriele Costamagna presents SoccerSquare the first collaborative, Facebook-based management game, describing the developing and community building strategies for social games.

 SoccerSquare is the first collaborative, Facebook-based management game, targeting more than 80 million soccer fans world-wide.  SoccerSquare scored a third place at the March 2011 edition of the StartupWeekend event, which takes place in Turin every year. Gabriele Costamagna, Alex Carpentieri and Andrea Aloi started working on the first version of the game. They were just technicians and they were completely focused on developing the back-end technology. From November 2011, SportSquare Games was hosted by I3P, the Innovative Startup Incubator at Turin’s Polytechnic School.”

SoccerSquare’s first version, launched in Beta on December 14th acquired 33.000 users in three months, thanks to word-of-mouth, and it was growing by 400 users a day. 50% of them were Italian, the rest were mostly Indonesian, Colombians, Chileans, Greek and Malaysian.

After this first phase in which they gathered users’ feedback,  they have worked hard on the second version of the game. Currently (July 2012) the game is in closed BETA version. The official launch of the game is scheduled to be in the third quarter of 2012.