CEO Neo Labels Madrid

Hugo Albornoz

Neo Labels is an independent communication agency, specialized in developing strategies based on simple, integrated messages, throughout different channels, always oriented to results.

The Challenge of Transformation

Technological innovation is a channel, a unique vehicle for the attainment of a correct target. We imagine that the creators of Toy Story wanted to graphics engines to express the need to give life to a project that had been there for years, starring in their dreams. How we understand the technological activity as a means of creativity as an useful and necessary layer to reach the objectives and realize the ideas that an entrepreneurial spirit should not left in oblivion. 
This time we live in, what many call the digital age, it is still an uncertain future for others. The reality is that this is the last opportunities to lead, to take an active part, create, innovate… Many say that, from here to three years, this moment will pass and, the one who have not been positioned, the one who have not distinguished himself or herself, will be left behind. Everyone knows that the first to apply digital technology has a great advantage.