Warage Card Game, concept and digital painting overview

Andrea Gatti
25 Oct | 16:30 – 18:30 | Sala Mollino

3D Character Design

Simone Corso, Giulio Pennella
26 Oct | 17:30 – 18:30 | Sala Sella
26 Oct | 18:30 – 19:30 | Sala Giolitti

Drawing Classic Comics with Modern Instruments

Paolo Armitano, Davide Furnò
27 Oct | 16:30 – 18:30 | Sala Sella

Create cool and strategic materials with UDK

Luca Deriu
28 Oct | 16:30 – 18:30 | Sala Giolitti


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Digital Artist

Andrea Gatti is an digital artist who lives and works in Turin, passionate about everything that is a sign, shape and color, from design to photo retouching. Author among others of the Sunk World series, images of his city, but not only, such as wrecks on the seafloor, and a growing gallery of portraits and hilarious caricatures.

Curious, eclectic and perfectionist, he has experiences ranging from teaching to multimedia. Active mainly in the arts, publishing and advertising. His workshop presents his new collaboration with Warage Game for the production of promotional images and for card games too, from concept to final digital painting.


Warage Card Game, concept and digital painting overview

25 Oct | 16:30-18:30  | Sala Mollino


- knowledge intermediate / advanced digital image editing and painting techniques with photoshop

In this talk Andrea will describe his workflow to create images for Warage Card Game.

Outline: concept, image research, brush settings, painting, blending modes, texture adjustments.

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3D Character Designer

Simone Corso started as a young designer and 3D modeler through various projects for the school created for Unilever, Piaggio and Ariete. These were the first experiments with CAD softwares such as AutoCAD and Rhinoceros. Then the passion for 3D came out, so taking advantage of new works for several architectural studios, he has experimented with new software (3dsMax and Maya) and therefore new ways to give more expression to his work.

Since he was a child he dreamed to be able to animate his doodles, his toys, so it was that in 2005, after graduating at ISIA, Industrial Design in Florence, he decided to learn 2D and 3D animation attending specific courses at the Mineapolis College of Art and Design, where he also explored the world of programming for video games with UT2 Editor. After the experience of the United Stateshe has embarked on the animation path from Stranemani Ltd., where he could express himself at work.

He also worked as a teacher of Autodesk Maya at the International School of Comics in Florence. He is currently working as a freelancer and collaborating with SFEI Academy.

President of SFEI Association
Director of Accademia di Nuove Arti Visive and of the School of Comics and Illustration

Giulio PennellaPresident of the SFEI Association, director of the Accademia di Nuove Arti Visive and of the School of Comics and Illustration in Bra, he has been always very passionate about drawing, illustration and comics. He then expanded his digital graphics skills attending courses about new media professional development, while establishing new collaborations in the gaming market with amateur, semi-professional and professional developers by providing services as concept artist, environment and character designer in various projects.

He is a 3d modeller since the first versions of 3D Studio Max, then he tried various other 3d softwares for high-poly and low-poly rendering like Lightwave, Modo, Silo, Hexagon, the japanese Metasequoia and Google Sketch-Up. But the turning point of his 3D modelling career has been the discovery of clay modelling and ZBrush, where he can finally use his artistic skills by working with a more old fashion sculpting approach rather than technical drawing, so he could bring to life characters first created on pen and paper. He is a teacher in Information Technology and Digital Graphics, also a web developer and designer, content creator for software like Poser, I-Clone and social games like IMVU and Second Life.

Giulio is proud to work now with great partners as teachers at the School of Comics and Illustration and at the Accademia di Nuove Arti Visive SFEI, and he can provide a tremendous educational opportunity to all the aspiring professionists and authors who needs an up-to-date training in their fields alongside the demand of the market. Among the future projects of the School of Comics and Illustration, shine the Campus, full immersion and highly professional training sessions and the new course of games development.

3D Character Design

26 Oct  | 17:30-18:30  | Sala Sella
26 Oct  | 18:30-19:30  | Sala Giolitti

This workshop will feature a variety of alternative approaches for character design and especially for creatures concept development. There are many ways to create a character, many of these can be considered traditional, while others have no solution of continuity, then there are the children of “happy mistakes”, and very often we have to chase ideas or choose from the ones we have already and then develop them and bring them to fruition. Together we will see how to choose among the different roads leading to the conception of a character, be it human/humanoid, or a creature from outer space.

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Comic-strips artist

Drawing Classic Comics with Modern Instruments

27 Ott  | 16:30-18:30  | Sala Sella

The workshop analyzes some pages of italian comics strips, realized with digital mixed technique, leaving from the storyboard, passing for the photographic documentation, the formulation of the classic layout-page “bonelliana”, the perspective outlined with Photoshop, and an analysis of the main instruments of Painter used in order to simulate a classic yield or in the phase of the design to pencil, and or in the phase of the inking. This workshop is to show as it is possible to use modern means of digital design, without loosing sight of the objective to create still handcraft producing, and coolness as if it were realized with paper and paint-brush.

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PLAYSYS founder
Advanced training teacher

Luca Deriu is SFEI partner, teacher at NABA Milano and Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan, where he holds courses about 3D computer graphics oriented to entertainment, interior design and industrial design.

Luca works with 3Digital Lab to provide some in-depth video training materials, he writes technical manuals and magazines. He’s the owner of PlaySys agency in Milan and he is a music producer and passionate drummer.



Create cool and strategic materials with UDK

28 Oct  | 16:30-18:30  | Sala Giolitti

Market is the best proof of Unreal Engine power, the engine developed by Epic Game, able to transform a videogame project into a commercial colossal. UDK actually represents the state of the art and the best way to approach the videogame development business. Doesn’t matter if you are a professional or simply a curious passionate, you can find inside its features a knowledge key that helps you to better understand the real-time approach. The aim of this workshop is to analyze how materials work inside UDK, by making some comparisons with what happens inside other 3D packages, not specifically developed for videogame purposes (as Autodesk 3ds Max). During the workshop Luca will give great importance to the forge of technically functional and aesthetically cool materials. This workshop is suggested to all the artists who want to understand and discover more about the features and possibilities offered by realtime render technology.