Sharon Calahan, Pixar Animation Studios, Reflections on Light and Color     Tom Wujec, Autodesk, Clarity: using visual thinking to collaborate, innovate and get things done – Visual Thinking for Business     Randy Thom, Skywalker Sound, Sound Design and Story Telling     Adobe, Adobe Creative Suites tools     Wacom, Wacom’s tools for digital creatives     Mike Springer, Google, Google @ View     Davide Pesare, Pixar Animation Studios, Reflections on Light and Color     David Revoy, Digital Painting: Free/Liber Open-source software     Top-IX, Make content for animation and cinema with the integration of open source tools     Erminio Pinque, BIG NAZO, Creature Creation    
  • Creating the world of Tintin

    Wayne Stables - Weta Digital

  • Cars 2 – An International Adventure

    Sharon Calahan - Pixar Animation Studios

  • The Visual Effects of Transformers 3

    Scott Farrar - ILM

  • Detente: how the arts and the Internet can peacefully co-exist, and why they must.

    Cory Doctorow

  • Clarity: using visual thinking to collaborate, innovate and get things done

    Tom Wujec

  • The Visual Effects of Cowboys & Aliens

    Roger Guyett - ILM

  • Green Lantern: Parallax – The creation of a complex villain

    Peter Nofz - Sony Pictures Imagework


    VIEW Conference launches a new contest to celebrate the creative power of technology at the service of society.

    Are you a designer, a visual artist or a computer graphics lover? This is what you are looking for!

    If during, 2011 and 2012, you have made a movie, a short, a music video or a commercial using 2D/3D animation and/or VFX focusing on themes of social relevance, we are interested in receiving your work. For more information please download the entry form from our website:

    Deadline to submit is June 30th 2012
    submission is free of charge
    First Prize: 1000 €

    Just fill the entry form and send it to us.

  • 84th Academy Awards Selection

    Great success for the VIEW guests!! Enrico Casarosa’s La Luna (Disney/Pixar), premiered during VIEWFest last October, and A Morning Stroll, (by Grant Orchard, Studio AKA), one of the winners of the VIEW AWARD 2011, have been nominated for Best Animated Short Film in the 84th Academy Awards.

    Transformers: Dark side of the Moon and Real Steel, which were presented during the last edition of VIEW Conference by their visual effects supervisors, respectively ILM’s Scott Farrar and Digital Domain’s Erik Nash, have been nominated for Best Visual Effects.  Rango, screened during VIEWFest, has been nominated for Best Animated Feature Film. 

    But it does not stop here, Wayne Stables from Wetadigital, who delivered a presentation about the visual effects of the Adventures of Tintin during VIEW Conference 2011, was nominated for BAFTA.


    VIEW announces dates for 2012

    16 – 19 Oct | VIEW Conference, 13th International Computer Graphics Conference
    19 – 21 Oct | VIEWFest, Digital Movie Festival
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    Send us your works:

    Are you interested in submitting a proposal to deliver a workshop at VIEW 2012?

     Deadline June 30th.


    Papers and Artworks

    Deadline June 30th.


    VIEW Award 2012:

    World Wide Short Competition Using 3D Animation and VFX

    Deadline September 15th.


    ITALIANMIX 2012:

    Deadline September 15th.